Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happiness Is...

Having your tummy full of grilled cheese sandwich.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Joys

So I've been trying to build a list of things that cheer me up whenever I see or use them. I thought I’d use 3 of them to blog about today…

1. Spiral binding on my cookbook - I have a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook that my Grandma gave me before I left for college and it was falling apart due to frequent use. For ages I've worried about what I was going to do about it and then one day my sister-in-law, Jessica, who works in the copy center of Office Max, took it to work and spiral bound it for me. I LOVE it!!! It makes it even easier to use and every time I do, I smile and think how grateful I am for it and how did I ever live without it bound like this?

2. The auto light in my Laundry Room - Our laundry room has two entrances. One from the hallway by the garage door and the other through the main floor bathroom.

There is only one light switch in the room, and it's on the side by the garage. This wouldn’t be an issue if I only entered the laundry room via that door. But I use the one from the bathroom quite frequently. I have to turn on the bathroom light to give me enough light to make it around all the baskets of clean and dirty laundry (I KNOW you’re not judging me!) to turn on the light in the laundry room.

Now, after four years of living like this, you’d think I would have given up the habit of walking in from the bathroom and flicking on a non-existent light switch – but no, I hadn’t. I have dreamed of having my electrician brother or very handy dad install one on that side, but have never gotten around to it. Then one day I was at my Mom’s and she showed me her newest “gadget” – a motion detecting light in her walk-in closet! It lights up when you walk in and then after a predetermined amount of time it goes off!!!! I just KNEW I had to have one in my laundry room.

I bought one from Lowe’s and called my father to see when he might have some time to install it for me. It was going to be a while. I was tempted to try and install it on my own, but I decided that after the oven fiasco, I would just stick to fixing computers… Then one day a week later, my dad showed up and installed my motion detecting light in my laundry room and now I “light up” whenever I open the door from the bathroom side and the lights turn on automatically!!!!! Seriously, this hasn’t gotten old at all (I’ve had it for a month). Even on my grumpiest of days I smile and think how lucky I am to have it (and a dad who could install it).

3. My new robe – I’ve been searching for a robe that I can wear around the house and be presentable enough to answer the door in. I really wanted one that looked like a long hoodie with a zipper. I have Googled all kinds of combinations of key-words trying to find the PERFECT robe. Finally 2 weeks ago I found something. I clicked on the site and then found 2 different styles I liked and they were both on sale! I bought both of them (one for summer & one for winter) and now I wear the summer one ALL the time! I’m debating ordering all the other colors of this style as I think I like it better than the one I got for winter. Also I’m worried I will never find another one like it again.

So, there they are, my 3 little joys for today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's Life Lesson

Don't stick gum up your nose (just ask Brooke).

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Here are Luke's latest soccer shots. Note the smile, isn't he cute?