Monday, December 06, 2010

Sleepover List

Last night the kids decided to have a sleepover (Brooke would spend the night in Luke's room), so they made themselves a list of things to do together. They even checked everything off as they accomplished it.

Sleepover list for Luke and Brooke Shepherd

1. Pokemon battle ds
2. Read books
3. Watch a movie on iPod touch
4. Snuggle with my sister Brooke
5. Watch another movie on iPod touch
6. Snuggle with a third movie
7. Play with stufffed animals
8. Play on the app iPuppy world
9. Check what everybody is doing when decided to (at this point they came upstairs and checked to see what Jason and I were up to)
10. Play any app Brooke agrees on
11. Help me pass off stuff for my pack meeting in Feb.
12. Go to sleep when wanted to.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Temple Square 2010

Just before the camera's battery died, I snapped these pics of our trip to Temple Square.

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