Monday, February 16, 2009

Love at Home

The kids are teaching Hannah how to play a game they got from Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas. I just overheard the following conversation:

Luke (6yrs) : "Stop helping Hannah!" (3yrs)
Brooke (4 1/2 yrs): "I'm trying to be a Child of God and help my friend play Totally Gross!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Awesome Quote

I found this on my old seminary teacher's 25 Randoms and I really liked it. Now I'm sharing it with you!

“Home should be the place where all family members get their buckets of self-esteem filled so full that the world can’t poke enough holes in them to drain them dry.”

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Random 25

Amy used her blog and tagged me ages ago, but it took my awhile to come up with these:

1. I wash all our clothes in cold water despite what the care tag says.

2. I still wonder what makes the popular people popular…

3. I wish I were talented. I’m just not as creative as my sibling and cousins. They write, draw, sew, decorate cakes…sigh. (Is yelling a talent? then nevermind, I’ve got one)

4.I wish I could hire someone to wallpaper or repaint my bathroom. I painted it a year ago and it turned out HIDEOUS! I have no desire to paint again, so it’s still there.

5. I hate the new voices of Ernie and Kermit the Frog. (RIP Jim Henson!)

6.I secretly agree with my 4 year old daughter – Mover Dave is kinda dreamy…

7. I used to dread that I would become a “cat lady” (you know, single with lots of cats). I miss my cats…

8. I secretly want a tattoo (on my ankle) and nose ring.

9. I like doing the vocals on Guitar Hero. It makes me feel famous. (Code name: Bo Peep, Band: Shepherdess)

10. Wish I could still speak Spanish as good as I could in college.

11. Love the smell of a new box of Crayola crayons.

12. I’m thankful for all the other crazy ladies in my “circle of trust”.

13. I have always wanted to be on Seasame Street. ALWAYS.

14. I really suck at math. One night when I couldn’t sleep I tried to remember the times tables from one to ten. It was a struggle for everything other than 1, 2, 5 & 10. Sad, huh?

15. I can’t fly in my dreams.

16. Ask a Ninja makes me laugh out loud ( Check out classic Question 20 – Killacon.

17. When a couple of cheerleaders walked by me at school the other day I was tempted to pick up a snowball and throw it at them.

18. By now I have probably been tagged by 25 people to do this thing. You’d think I could be random much more quickly. Only in real life situations people, only in real life…

19. I have so many series I’m reading that I had to create a folder in my favorites for Books so I could remember what they all are.

20. The song “Take This Job and Shove It” has been running through my mind recently.

21. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoyed working with computers. I felt a lot smarter back then…

22. I’m not a morning person. My brain is currently not functioning properly and when the phone rang a few minutes ago, it took me 2 rings to figure out what to do. I like to silently read my comics and take my time getting life started. I no longer have that luxury as a parent of school aged children and it is tough on all of us.

23. I’m getting closer to the end of this list.

24. I hate being late. This is now all I ever am thanks to uncooperative children who can’t tell time!

25. I will be going to Disneyland for the 2nd time in my life (the first was in 1980) in March. I plan to buy myself some Mickey Mouse ears and wear them. Seriously.