Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Is Brooke?

Two weeks ago Brooke was the class VIP (Very Important Person). She got to fill at bucket with treasures that told a story about who she is and what she likes to do. Today she came home with a cut-out of herself that is filled with statements about her as written by her teacher and classmates.
As she read them to me, she was so proud! She kept saying "That's so true!" or "I am good at that!"

Let me share them with you:

"Brooke is funny, nice and playful. I love to sit by her at lunch and play with her at recess. Sometimes she looks like a princess." - Paris

“Brooke is my friend. Brooke is a good reader. Brooke makes me laugh.” - Kierstin

“Brooke is funny. I like to talk with Brooke.” - Alyssa

“Brooke is my friend. Brooke lives close to me. Brooke is really fun to play chase with at recess. - Jessica

“Brooke is an excellent listener. She likes to answer questions and tell how to solve math problems. She is very good at participating in lessons in class. She is a good worker and always tries to follow school rules.” - Mrs. Assel

“I like Brooke to play with me at recess. Brooke is fun. Brooke has a cute haircut.” - Chloe

“Brooke likes me and is my friend. I like to play at her house. Brooke is fun to sit by at lunch. Brooke is friendly.” - Maddy

“Brooke is always listening. Brooke is a good friend. Brooke is fun to play with.” - Dino

“Brooke is my best friend because she is nice. Brooke is smart and really good at math. Brooke colors in the lines really well.” - Brynnlee

“Brooke is fun to chase at recess. Brooke listens to Mrs. Assel and is a good worker.” - Ethan

“Brooke plays with me. Brooke is a good worker. Brooke doesn’t get bad cards.” (Discipline cards) - Breson

“Brooke knows her numbers really well. Brooke makes me laugh! Brooke is fun to play with.” - Katelyn

“Brooke sits with me at lunch and she is fun to talk to. Brooke plays chase with me. She is a fast runner.” - Hunter

“Brooke is really nice to me. She shares her pencils and crayons with me.” - Asher

“Brooke is a good friend to me. Brooke is fun to play with. Brooke helps people.” - Kyller

“Brooke is good at adding numbers. Brooke is a fast runner.” - Cameron

“Brooke listens to the teacher and follows directions. Brooke isn’t mean to people.” - Coleman

“Brooke is funny, she tells great jokes. I like it when she plays with me!” - Adria

“Brooke dresses cute. Brooke eats all her lunch in the lunchroom. Brooke is a hard worker and does good work.” - Reagan

“I like it when Brooke sits by me at lunch. Brooke plays hide and seek with me at recess and it is fun. Brooke is nice.” - Ashley

“Brooke plays with me and is a good friend. I like sitting by Brooke. Brooke is fun to play with at recess.” - Elise

“Brooke is really friendly to everyone. Brooke is a hard worker. Brooke is great at math.” - Camden

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bo Comes Home

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome Bo McKay Shepherd

Bo McKay Shepherd was born on Jan. 22, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.
He was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 19 in.

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