Friday, April 17, 2009

Brooke Turns Five!

Happy 5th Birthday Brooke!

Here is the birthday cake. Anyone who knows Brooke, knows that she has been asking for an Eric and Ariel cake for months (not one with them on it, but a cake like they had at their wedding!). Then at Disneyland she saw a Cinderella Wedding cake and that is what she wanted. So here is her wish come true: blue layered cake (same color as the Cinderella one) with pink roses (thanks to my Mom for making those!!)

Here we are singing "Happy Birthday"...

...and Brooke blowing out the candles.

Forest Green mini Hymn book personalized with her name from Mom & Dad (sorry B - they don't make pink ones!)
Pajamas also from Mom & Dad (Luke gave her an Ariel "Barbie" doll earlier)Here is Brooke laughing at the card from Nanny, Papa & Aunt Jessica. It's a Hoopes & Yoyo singing card.

Brooke was a lucky girl to have lunch and shopping earlier in the day with Grandma Kathleen and then having Aunt Megan, Nanny, Papa, and Aunt Jessica join us later for cake and ice cream.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another First

Here is Brooke with her very first (very own!!!) library card. One of the perks of turning 5!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

No More Training Wheels

On March 18th (before the snow came) Luke learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels!

We're so proud of him!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

This was Luke's favorite ride - the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. He went on it at least 10 times!!
I find that hilarious as the first time we went to ride it he and Brooke screamed and didn't want to get on and they had to be walked directly out the exit instead of onto the ride.
I'm proud of Luke for getting right back in line and trying to get on it. He did freak out as we started out and the ride stopped, but I got him distracted by having him shoot anything that scared him. It was love at first shot after that!

Even Brooke got used to it. She preferred the Toy Story Mania ride though.


Luke and Brooke had photos with Mickey and Minnie at California Adventure.

I Was There Too!

This is me eating my Dole Pineapple Whip!
I had Jason take it to prove that I did get one and that I was really there!
I really enjoyed it and regret that I didn't have one every day!


My favorite part of Disneyland was Day 2 when we took Brooke to see the Princesses. She was so excited! The hour wait just flew by for her. She just giggled and shook with excitement.

The first Princess she met with was Jasmine. She almost walked right by her in her great desire to see Ariel (her VERY favorite Princess).

She met next with Belle, but she was really eyeballing the next Princess... Finally ARIEL!!! I was so happy that Ariel was there. Brooke could hardly talk she was so happy. She just stood next to her even for all of Aunt Jessica's photo time.

As we were leaving the Princess Faire, Jessica told Ariel that she was Brooke's favorite Princess. Ariel whispered to Brooke "You've been my favorite too! Don't tell the others!" That sent Brooke over the edge and left me in tears! It was a magical morning!!

Later that afternoon in California Adventures Cinderella passed us by. Brooke took off after her as she wouldn't stop for us. This is the only photo we got with her, but at least we got to see her!!


At long last, I'm going to start posting Disneyland photos!

Here we are on the teacups (I am including me, after all, who took the photos do you think??) The teacups were one of Brooke's favorite rides, so we rode them quite a few times!